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Sunday, 10 April 2011

My Mint Story

After visiting neighbour's garden, I'm having high enthutiasm on growing mints. Looking at neighbour's mint growing so healthy and spreading all over her lawn, I feels cooling as the mint.  In additional of that, I've  read in the megazine by growing mint will eliminate ant. So, here I am..planting mint.

2 pots of mint, given by neighbour

Mint bought from MARDI..this one is different from the other one, it has red stalk and rough leaf. I plant it on the ground.

I got this for free from flower nursery

  Lets spare few weeks for the mint to grow ;) Until next update..daa


  1. I almost get one from the nursery yesterday, i love the 'toothpaste' smell haha. Didn't buy because i don't think it will survive in my herbs patch which is getting too much of sunlight and heat. Update me with yours!

  2. Hope your mint grows well and healthy. I love the smell of mint!

  3. Dont really notice the colour of the stems..must check out mine. Your mint look healthy and lush. I have 2 types - one is a lemon mint the other normal one. Lemon mint smells like a lemon grass nice to put in Teh-O!