Monday, 28 March 2011

Cabage & Kailan..the begining

My first harvest after  few neglected months

I simply throw the seed on top of vegetable bed..soon after that it was raining, and turn up all the seed has been washed away to the side of the can see the blank space in the middle

Close up the bigger leaf at this time

This kailan was germinated in bed a week later after i germinated the one in seeding pot. Eventually it turn up growing bigger and healthier compared to the one in seeding pot

cabage sprout - about 3 weeks

cabage sprout - about 3 weeks

cabage sprout in seeding tray

On the left side is cabage while on the right side is kailan

Kailan sprout in pot

kailan sprout in seeding tray - about 3 weeks

Pokok Bunga Rose Saya Diserang Hamama Trip

One fine weekend, I found my roses's shoot are curling and the bud has retarded before it start to bloom. This is frustrating and it makes me worry since its infected to all of my 23 roses...After I googling about it, I finally found out that the 'Thrips' is the culprit.

I went to plant nursery looking for pesticide to treat this thrip, the retailer gave me 'Tenen25' spray. I keep spraying it each time after I water the plants..but still it still exist (even after i finished the whole bottle) I also tried Bena pesticide.. its the pesticide for mustard green (sawi).  I've been told this one can be use for roses has a strong bad smell..which I dont like it, so I figure the thrips will also hate it. After few time applying it, nothing happen to my curly shoot and ugly rose bud :( yup! Im sad..especially when the thrips is still enjoying to suck the sweet juice from my roses.

All this while my roses has been kind to me, each pot produced about 4 to 5 buds..and some 7 buds but its all been spoiled by thrip.

My Mum told me to spray with H2o aeresol. As for now i keep spraying it just to kill the thrips..but still don't stop it from coming back. Is anyone out there knows how to treat the thrips..pls let me know :(

The Curling Shoot

Monday, 14 March 2011

Planning a Vegetable Garden

I bumped into this article..i figure this would be good guides to share..happy garderning!

Planning a Vegetable Garden
Before you start a garden, you've got to figure out where you're going to put it. Your choice of location can have a big impact on how successful you are at growing vegetables.

Think Small
 "Start out small" is good advice for your first garden. That's because a small garden usually requires less work and is easier to maintain than a large one.

On the sunny side of the street
 You'll want it on the south side of your property to maximize sun exposure. Vegetable gardens need a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight.

Avoid Weed War Fare
 Try not to locate your garden in an area that's already infested with weeds. Remove the weeds first or, if it's possible, find a different location.
Where there's water, there's garden
 You'll want to place your garden plot near water so that you don't break your back hauling it during periods of little rain fall.

Draining on Your Brain
 Your vegetable garden also needs good drainage. Drainage depends on slope and soil composition. Look at what's surrounding your proposed garden spot. The roots of nearby trees and shrubs can soak up water and nutrients that you want for your veggies. A two-foot trench around the garden can ensure that won't happen.

Does anyone know the scientific name for this yellow rose?

I dont really like yellow but this one really catch my eyes and it has sweet scent too

The Begining

This purple rose is one of my has yet to bloom since i pruned this one

Three tone of pink color in one pot