Monday, 28 March 2011

Pokok Bunga Rose Saya Diserang Hamama Trip

One fine weekend, I found my roses's shoot are curling and the bud has retarded before it start to bloom. This is frustrating and it makes me worry since its infected to all of my 23 roses...After I googling about it, I finally found out that the 'Thrips' is the culprit.

I went to plant nursery looking for pesticide to treat this thrip, the retailer gave me 'Tenen25' spray. I keep spraying it each time after I water the plants..but still it still exist (even after i finished the whole bottle) I also tried Bena pesticide.. its the pesticide for mustard green (sawi).  I've been told this one can be use for roses has a strong bad smell..which I dont like it, so I figure the thrips will also hate it. After few time applying it, nothing happen to my curly shoot and ugly rose bud :( yup! Im sad..especially when the thrips is still enjoying to suck the sweet juice from my roses.

All this while my roses has been kind to me, each pot produced about 4 to 5 buds..and some 7 buds but its all been spoiled by thrip.

My Mum told me to spray with H2o aeresol. As for now i keep spraying it just to kill the thrips..but still don't stop it from coming back. Is anyone out there knows how to treat the thrips..pls let me know :(

The Curling Shoot


  1. That thrip had done a lot of damage to my eggplant and chillies too. I did a lot of sprayings like you did but no positive result. So I just nipped all those curling leaves even the whole top and let them grow new ones. So far it worked! They grew to be healthy and produced a lot of fruits. So now if I see any sign of curling leaves I will cut them straight away so that it wont affect the rest of the plant.Give it a try.

  2. thanks aunty, i will try your suggestion.