Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I'm blessed with neighbour's seed..

Its been awhile since I visited my backyard.  Last weekend, when I went out to pull the weeds, I saw 4 basil plants in my backyard..and a bitter gourd growing good climbing on my kaffir lime.  Yay! It's a free gift to me!

In my neighbour's backyard, you can see green pot on top right..that is her basil, which has contributed the seeds to me..four of  them has grown healthy in my lawn

Bitter gourd..I have no idea where is this coming from..but I've been told, my neighbour has planted bitter gourd long time before, I guess..the seeds somehow flown over here..

Sunday, 10 April 2011

My Mint Story

After visiting neighbour's garden, I'm having high enthutiasm on growing mints. Looking at neighbour's mint growing so healthy and spreading all over her lawn, I feels cooling as the mint.  In additional of that, I've  read in the megazine by growing mint will eliminate ant. So, here I am..planting mint.

2 pots of mint, given by neighbour

Mint bought from MARDI..this one is different from the other one, it has red stalk and rough leaf. I plant it on the ground.

I got this for free from flower nursery

  Lets spare few weeks for the mint to grow ;) Until next update..daa